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In Re: Isidro Vinzon

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A.C. No. 561 – 19 SCRA 815 – Legal Ethics – Disbarment – Moral Turpitude; Estafa

Atty. Isidro Vinzon and his wife were convicted of estafa. The Solicitor General received information of Vinzon’s conviction and he initiated a disbarment case against Vinzon.

Vinzon averred that the estafa case does not bind the Supreme Court and that there were errors in his conviction.

ISSUE: Whether or not Vinzon should be disbarred.

HELD: Yes. His conviction already became final and executory. His averments have no basis.

There can be no question that the term “moral turpitude” includes everything which is done contrary to justice, honesty, or good morals. In essence and in all respects, estafa, no doubt, is a crime involving moral turpitude because the act is unquestionably against justice, honesty and good morals.

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