About Uber Digests

Hi! Welcome to Uber Digests and I appreciate your interest in the content of this site.

As a full time web assistant (moonlighting as a web designer) and a full time law student, I found it hard to read all the assigned cases specially if they come in bunches, which is usually the case. Hell, even full time students find it hard to read all assigned cases.

The usual practice for law students is to have the cases be divided among themselves and then just distribute the digested cases in class. But sometimes, there are just some people who do not keep their end of the bargain. There are those who are fond of disappearing acts every time they are needed for their digests – which makes the digests-sharing practice a bit frustrating.

With the continued growth of internet users and social media, more and more students have become accustomed to online sharing. Our class took advantage of this practice and we shared our digests via file sharing sites. This makes digests more accessible because you do not have to run after the person anymore. In a matter of time I myself accumulated a ton of digests and I thought I may as well share it here. Hence, this website.

The goal of this website is not to spoil law students, it’s simply to share ideas hence if you think a certain digest was digested the wrong way feel free to leave your comments or rants. After all, the study of law is a dynamic one which can only be perfected by a constant synthesis of ideas from clashing points of views.

If you are interested in sharing your digests here, send me an email at howard@uberdigests.info Please also read this site’s Disclaimer.

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Thanks and good luck on our studies!