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What is the jurisdiction of Regional Trial Courts in criminal cases?

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1. Exclusive original jurisdiction in all criminal cases not within the exclusive jurisdiction of any court, tribunal or body, except those falling under the exclusive and concurrent jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan. All criminal cases where the penalty is higher than 6 years, including government-related cases wherein the accused is not one of those falling under the jurisdiction of the Sandiganbayan.

2. Other laws which specifically lodge jurisdiction in the RTC:

a. Law on written defamation or libel

b. Decree on Intellectual Property

c. Dangerous Drugs Cases except where the offenders are under 16 and there are Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts in the province

3. Appellate jurisdiction over all cases decided by MTCs in their respective territorial jurisdiction.

4. In areas where there are no family courts, the cases falling under the jurisdiction of family courts shall be adjudicated by the RTC

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