Nemesio Yabut vs Ombudsman

G.R. No. 111304 – 233 SCRA 310 – Political Law – Law on Public Officers – Public Officials Must Not Be Onion-Skinned

Nemesio Yabut was then the vice mayor of Makati. He was also the head of the traffic management division of Makati. One day, Yabut was commanding traffic when an irked driver in the person of Paul Doran confronted him. Doran gave Yabut the dirty finger which resulted in Yabut and his men pulling Doran out of his car. A mauling ensued and Doran’s tires were even shot. As a result, Doran filed an administrative case against Yabut. Eventually, the Ombudsman ordered the suspension of Yabut for two months.

ISSUE: Whether or not the order of the Ombudsman is correct.

HELD: Yes. Doran’s actions cannot be countenanced however, there is also no excuse for Yabut to behave the way he did. A public official, more especially an elected one, should not be onion skinned. Strict personal discipline is expected of an occupant of a public office because a public official is a property of the public. He is looked upon to set the example how public officials should correctly conduct themselves even in the face of extreme provocation. Always he is expected to act and serve with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency and shall remain accountable for his conduct to the people.

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