What are the modes of acquiring land titles?

The modes of acquiring land titles are:

  1. Title by public grant – conveyance of public land by government to a private individual
  2. Title by acquisitive prescription – open, continuous, exclusive, notorious possession of a property
  3. Title by accretion – alluvium
  4. Title by reclamation – filling of submerged land by deliberate act and reclaiming title thereto; government
  5. Title by voluntary transfer – private grant; voluntary execution of deed of conveyance
  6. Title by involuntary alienation – no consent from owner of land; forcible acquisition by state
  7. Title by descent or devise – hereditary succession to the estate of deceased owner
  8. Title by emancipation patent or grant – for purpose of ameliorating sad plight of tenant-farmers; not transferable except by hereditary succession